Events & Seminars

The FFO organises industry liaison events for fintech industry players and interested parties to exchange ideas and share information and insights about market development (e.g. “needs-driven” and match-making events, seminars and conferences). As of end-June 2017, 13 events have been organised with about 3 300 participants from around the world. Representatives of the HKMA also have spoken as keynote/panellists in more than 50 fintech-related events.

Haccelerator Programme

The FFO launched the Haccelerator programme in March 2017 in collaboration with Cyberport, offering banks and Stored Value Facilities (SVF) operators a platform to run fintech related competitions, explore innovative solutions, identify talents and seek out cooperation opportunities with fintech start-ups and innovators. In May and June, two banks have organised hackathon and accelerator competitions using the platform.