Fintech Career Accelerator Scheme 2.0 (FCAS 2.0)

The Fintech Career Accelerator Scheme (“FCAS”) is a talent development scheme first initiated by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA) and the Hong Kong Applied Science and Technology Research Institute (ASTRI) for 2017/18 to nurture talents to meet the growing needs of fintech in Hong Kong. Students from participating tertiary education institutions were able to apply for this scheme as a full-time, semester-based, internship at banks and the HKMA to work on fintech-related projects.

For 2018/19 and as part of the seven smart banking initiatives launched by the HKMA to help the banking sector to elevate to a higher level of Smart Banking, the FCAS is to be upgraded to FCAS 2.0 with a view to enhancing the fintech talent pool to meet the growing demands from the industry and to nurture young talents at different stages of their career development. With more partners, more participating employers and coverage beyond Hong Kong, FCAS 2.0 is expanded into four programmes.

FCAS 2.0

Cyberport University Partnership Programme
Cyberport University Partnership Programme is a fintech-focused entrepreneurship boot camp at a prestigious overseas university, with mentorship and sharing offered by industry elites and startups.

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Shenzhen Summer Internship Programme
Shenzhen Summer Internship Programme allows students to experience the fintech ecosystem in Shenzhen by working at renowned fintech or techfin firms for six weeks.

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Gap Year Placement Programme
Under the Gap Year Placement Programme, participating banks and the HKMA would provide intern positions to undergraduates and postgraduates of the engineering, science, business, finance or law disciplines from 10 tertiary education institutions, to work on fintech-related projects for six months or one year.  ASTRI is responsible for providing technology trainings and the HKMA regulatory briefings to interns.

For the first intake in 2017/18, over 3,000 applications from 421 applicants were received, and 74 students accepted offers to work in 12 banks and the HKMA. For 2018/19, the banks involved in the internship programme are expanded to 20, offering more than 100 positions.

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Fresh Graduate Programme
Through the Fresh Graduate Programme, fintech tenants in Cyberport and HKSTP would offer fixed-term graduate employment programmes to fresh or recent graduates who will also be eligible to attend regulatory updates and technical training workshops provided by the HKMA and ASTRI respectively.